Dave Coffman is The People's Accountant

I've been working in accounting and finance for over 20 years and have done everything from processing payroll to leading a budget process for a number of organizations whose budgets exceed $1 million.

I am able to handle most any area of the accounting and finance function (other than doing your taxes), including handling day-to-day accounting operations while keeping an eye on the overall financial picture.

I have experience presenting financial data to groups of all sizes and I take pride in my ability to explain complex financial concepts in a way that is understandable for those without a financial background.  I am reliable, accurate, approachable, calm, friendly, and have a good sense of humor.

Here's a brief summary of my qualifications.  If you find yourself wanting to know more about my experience, let me know and I can send you my complete resume and some references as well.


Summary of qualifications

10+ years of experience managing the financial operations of a non-profit organization in Portland, Oregon with a budget in excess of $1 million.  Responsible for everything from accounts payable and payroll to coordination of organization-wide budget process and creation of monthly financial reports for the board of directors.  Extensive experience providing long-term financial visioning and planning.

5+ years working in the for-profit sector in a variety of accounting/finance positions, most recently as the controller for a culinary school located in Portland, Oregon.

6+ years of accounting experience working with a variety of governmental entities in Ohio, including two public school districts and The Ohio State University.